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We've got something new!!

Ophiuchus - Flower Constellation XL

Stylish arrangements in larger vases

Stylishly arranging flowers in a large vase can be challenging. You need a lot of flowers to fill up the neck, and it requires a skilled and artful hand to set the stems just right.
The Flower Constellations we developed so far, are too small for those large vases, which is why we got a lot of requests for a larger version.
We hear you! Enter the Flower Constellation XL: Ophiuchus

Spanning a maximum diameter of 16 cm (6.3") the Ophiuchus Flower Constellation is a perfect fit for larger vases, for example those for field fresh flowers or those vases that Dutch Designer made for that Swedish furniture company.
The Ophiuchus Constellation is not only larger when it comes to diameter, it also has wider holes, suitable for thicker stemmed flowers and small branches.

The thirteenth star sign 

Ophiuchus or 'Snakebearer' is called the thirteenth star sign, because, just as the 12 signs of the Zodiac, it crosses the sun's path (Ecliptica).
The official period of Ophiuchus would be between November 30th and December 18th.
Because we cut the Zodiac year in 12 equal parts, Ophiuchus didn't make it as one of the signs on the Zodiac.

We did not foget about this constellation and by making it a Flower Constellation, we're giving it a place on our flowery ecliptica.

Flower Constellation XL

The Ophiuchus Constellation is also made of durable brass, just as its smaller Flower Constellation relatives. 
Its size is a step up from the larger Zodiac Constellations and fits vases with diameters ranging from 12,5 to 16 cm (4.9"-6.3"). 

We're nearly there!

Will you help us get Ophiuchus out there?

Crowdfunding 2.0

We went ahead and ordered a small stock of brass Ophiuchus Constellations. This means that when you order an Ophiuchus, there's no waiting involved: We'll ship immediately and you can start arranging flowers right away. 
The only difference to the final product is the package it comes in.

This time we're not actually crowdfunding for the product itself, but for its casing. In order to be able to sell the Ophiuchus Constellation in stores, we need proper and beautiful packaging, and that's what we're saving up for with this 'pre-sale'.
With your support we're confident we can get Ophiuchus ready for stores around the world as early as this fall. 

What you can do

Order Ophiuchus now!
You'll be the very first receiving our XL Flower Constellation, and with that our eternal gratitute for your help getting the Ophiuchus ready for a successful international launch.

And that's not all! To celebrate the launch of this new Flower Constellation XL, we have a very special deal: instead of the regular €29,95, we're launching the Ophiuchus on our webshop for €27,50!

Plus, because we love wildflowers and happy bees, we'll also add a package of Bee Happy Wildflowerseeds to your order free of charge (EU only).

Other things that would make us very happy

Not ready to order but excited to help? Great!
It would be of enormous value for us if you could help us get our new Ophiuchus Constellation known to the world: Spread the word! 
Tell your friends and family: finally a solution to use large vases (for example those from that fresh flower service) to set up luxurious arrangements without spending a small fortune at the florists'.

Together with Masha Bakker Photography  we took gorgeous photographs of the Ophiuchus, and with the correct credits (@mashabakkerphotography @houseofthol) and a hashtag (#ophiuchus #flowerconstellations) we'd love it if you share them on social media. 
Got other great ideas about how you can help? Looking to collaborate?
Get in touch! We'd love to chat.

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