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Keep your plants happy with Waterworks

Houseplants are not only wonderful to look at, they’re also air purifying superstars that are great for your health and can help reduce over-all stress-levels

Waterworks is a natural watering system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy.
A set consists of a partly glazed terra-cotta cone aand a glass reservoir in a cardboard giftbox.

The system works thanks to the porous terra-cotta that slowly gives off its moisture to the surrounding earth. 
Because there's a vacuum in the top of the reservoir, the waterflow is slow and steady and creates a natural balance with the soil and plant: a plant extracting moisture from the soil faster, will slightly speed up the waterflow.  

You can control this a little bit: in about 80% of all cases we use the medium cone, with which a reservoir of ca 500ml will drain in aout 10-14 days. However if you have a plant that needs more water, use the 'Large' cone: with a larger porous surface and a faster waterflow (6-8 days). Or use the 'Small' cones with a small porous surface that can last up to 4 weeks with a 500ml reservoir.

We changed something...

The reservoir:

Up until February 2020 Waterworks came with a cork stopper.
We added it to make cleaning the reservoir a little bit easier, but because it wasn't always clear the reservoir needs to be filled through its neck, we decided it would be better for the function and clarity of the system to get rid of the hole in the reservoir.

The cone:

The main component of Waterworks is the partly porous terra-cotta cone.
In this new version we made it easier to hack: with a slightly wider neck, the cone can fit a variety of bottles, so you can re-use your loveliest bottles as a watering device for your houseplants.

NB: The box - We still have a few old boxes left from when Waterworks came with a cork. Because we think it's just wasteful to discard these, we're selling the first series new Waterworks-sets in these (slightly altered) boxes. 

The new official Waterworks box is scheduled to be available from halfway March, from which point the product will alse be available again for wholesale.


1: Push the terra-cotta cone into the soil close to the roots of the plant.
2: Fill the glass reservoir with clean water. 
3: Place the filled reservoir in the terra-cotta cone. (don't worry about spilling a little water while placing the reservoir

Waterworks 1-2-3


NB The Waterworks-set comes with one cone. This is usually the Medium cone (which we advice for 80% of the house plants). If you prefer to receive a large or small cone, make sure to tick the right box during the ordering process.

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