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SALE! // We recently launched the new and improved Waterworks-sets. Can't say goodbye to the quirky cork in the original? We still have a few original Waterworks-sets in stock and are selling out the last sets for a discounted price. Get it while it lasts! // SALE!



Houseplants are not only wonderful to look at, they’re also air purifying superstars that are great for your health and can help reduce over-all stress-levels

WATERWORKS is a natural hydration system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy. 
A basic set consists of a partly glazed terra-cotta cone and a glass bulb with cork stopper in a nice giftbox. 
Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta, water will slowly seep through the walls of the cone into the soil.


1: Close the top hole of the reservoir with the cork (make sure it's airtight).
2: Push the terra-cotta cone into the soil close to the plant (be careful not to damage the plants' root system).
3: Fill the reservoir with water through the neck and place it in the cone (a little water might spill while placing the reservoir, the plant is usually ok with this).

A plants' demand for water varies depending on the size and type of plant and the current season.
Make sure to choose the appropriate cone: less glaze for thirsty/larger plants, and more glaze (slowing down the waterflow) for smaller plants and/or plants that don't need a lot of water.

Please Note: A basic set comes with one cone, typically this is a 'medium' glazed cone (that we recommend for ca 80% of all houseplants).
If you would like to receive a different cone please make sure to select the correct option during check out.


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