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Material research & 3d-prints
The 'In the Clouds' series started out as a research project about creating decoration onto porcelain cups during the casting process as opposed to adding it by hand after a first firing.
Contemporary possibilities of computer aided design and 3d-printing played a major role in the design of the intricate decoration imprinted in the porcelain In The Clouds cups.

Clouds & Birds (& Plane spotting)
The graphic image on the In The Clouds cups is derived from the skyscapes that are often an inconspicuous part of the decoration on both Dutch Delftware as well as Asian Porcelain. 
Silhouettes of birds and planes flying in between the clouds, add a contemporary twist to the classic theme.

Handmade with love
The In the Clouds series consists of small and larger cups, a medium and large bowl, and matching lids/saucers in four sizes.
​Each piece is lovingly made by hand in several shades of colored porcelain: white/grey, blue and green and come in a glazed or semi-glazed finish.
Please note: since each batch of porcelain is colored separately, hues differ from piece to piece, and as all pieces are handmade, they rarely are perfectly circular.

Making room
We are cleaning up our warehouse to make space for new projects and are getting rid of the current In the Clouds stock.
Score yourself a lovingly handmade porcelain piece for a great price while supplies last!

Measurements In the Clouds Cup L
Diameter(top) 80 mm / Height 105 mm
Content: 300 ml / 10.1 oz

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