Seeds of Love: one square meter of wildflowers in a gift tag

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Seeds of Love
gift tag with one square meter of wildflowers

Happy Bee + Happy Me // Say it with wildflowers

Add an extra bright and floral touch to your gift with the Seeds of Love!
These floral gift tags contain enough wildflower seeds to turn about 1 square meter of soil into a true pollinator paradise.
The labels are printed with a vintage drawing of a (blue) cornflower or a (red/pink) cosmea. Both contain the same kinds of seeds.

Every seedpack holds 2-3 grams of wildflower seeds from a biological mix containing seeds from the following flowers:
Lupine, sunflower, borage, phacelia, buckwheat, cornflower, california poppy, snakeworth flower, tall melilot, dragonhead, corn marigold, large poppy, alfalfa, mustard seed, yellow mustard, coriander, missy-in-the-green, marigold, mallow, dill, serradella, french clover, cosmea and black mustard.
Please Note: We carefully mix all seeds together and fill each seed pack by hand, so it is impossible to say which of the flowers will end up growing in your little meadow.

size label: 135x65mm
contents seed pack: 2-3 grams

Best time to sow: 21 maart - 21 juni
Sowing tips:
-Mix with an equal part sand, sow widely (don't oversow: the seedlings will compete with eachother)
-Lightly cover to make sure all seeds are in direct contact with the soil.
-Keep seeds and sprouts moist (sow before days of rain and water when needed)
*The mix is suitable for different soil types, the flowers more adapted to the available soil with flourish.

Seeds of Love - by House of Thol


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