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Patera Media

Material: Terra-cotta, rubber, beech, brass
measurements:  Ø 30 cm / H 30 cm

A better way to store your fruits and vegetables
Patera Media is a bowl with ample space for a variety of fruits and vegetables.
It consists of a partly glazed terracotta outer bowl with movable inner compartments making it possible to keep different varieties of fresh fruit separate from one another.
The inner compartments come with a fitting cover-dish with handle, that stops ethylene of the fruits in the containers from spreading, while keeping the stock easily accessible.

Natural cooling
By filling the space in between the outer bowl and its inner compartments with water, a slightly cooling effect gets created: The terracotta outer bowl is partly porous, and water will seep into the terracotta and evaporate on the outside of the bowl, hereby slightly cooling the environment (evaporation cooling).

The Patera Media comes with three compartments and two fitting cover dishes. (like on the photograph). Other compositions possible upon request.

Not spacious enough? Perhaps the Patera Magna is a better fit.

NB Every Patera Media is made to order in our workshop - please take a lead time of about 16-20 weeks into account

Shipment and packaging

The Patera Media bowls are large and handmade with love. Therefore we'd love for you to come pick up your Patera at the studio personally. You'll get to see where and how the bowls are made, we'll give you personal advice on how to best use the design and you'll be certain nothing goes wrong during shipment.

We understand it might be difficult to get to our headquarters in Overasselt, so of course it is possible to ship the bowl by mail. However, thus far we've had mixed results. We have had a bowl break during transport, which is an absolute shame, also because there are other people waiting for the Patera Media they ordered.
We amped up the packaging to avoid future damage: each component comes in a separate box and is wrapped in paper and cardboard to absorb possible shocks.. If we wrap to the max and ship insured, we're positive the Patera Media will arrive at your doorstep in one piece.
All the cardboard boxes and wrapping paper adds up to a quite substantial total. That's why it saves you €20,- if you come pick up the bowl at the House of Thol headquarters.

Let us know what you prefer in the menu.
We'd love to welcome you at our studio!

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