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Flower Constellations
Effortless arrangements, inspired by the stars

Saving flowers everyday
Flower Constellations are durable brass flower tools designed to easily create beautiful arrangements needing only a few flowers.
Similar to Japanese floral art Ikebana, the Flower Constellations are a celebration of the beauty of each single flower.
The clever 2D design allows the flat brass disks to expand and fit vases with diameters ranging from 6,5-9cm or 9,5-12 cm.

Made from durable brass, the disks can be used again and again, on vases you already own and love.

Fun to gift, easy to ship
The patterns in the 12 different Flower Constellations are derived from the allignment of the stars in the Zodiac signs, creating a playful seemingly random distribution of the flowers in the vase. 
With colorful expressive packaging fitting each star sign, the Flower Constellations make a fun floral gift with a personal touch.
The flat-pack design means the Flower Constellations are easy to store and easily fit a regular mailbox.

Looking for a vase?
We designed the Flower Constellations to fit vases you already own and love so you won't have to buy a new vase.
Really don't own a suitable vase? Don't go out buying a new one, but first check out a nearby thriftstore. 
Not looking forward to a treasure-hunt? We went for you and have several unique vases available at our Vase Page.

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