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Bee Happy Bloemkaarten
Sending the seeds of love

A delayed bouquet & happy bees
With the Bee Happy Flower cards you're not only sending out a sweet message, you're also sending a delayed bouquet of wildflowers that will make the bees happy!
The cards are printed on Growing Paper: recycled paper containing a mix of wildflower seeds.

Blooming wildflowers
To germinate the seeds, lay the paper in moist fertile soil, place in a sunny spot, cover with a thin layer of earth and keep well watered. 
Depending on the kind of seed in the paper, you should see the first tiny green leaves pop out of the earth after about ten to fourteen days.

Fresh designs, in-house production
The Bee Happy Flower Cards are currently being printed at the House of Thol Headquarters, making it easy to regularly update the collection with fresh designs.
This also makes it possible to create custom cards or add a logo / printed text to the back of a series of greeting cards without having to order hundreds (although you could). 

Interested in a special edition or looking for a meaningful way to send a message? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Bee Happy gift set
The Bee Happy cards can be purchased separately (€2,-/€3,-) or with a special Bee Happy envelope (+€0,50).
With our 'Don't Worry Bee Happy' giftbox the cards make a lovely present: for €15,- you can order any 6 A6 postcards (+3 envelopes) ór 8 A7 notecards (+4 envelopes) in a sweet gift box.

Read more about the Bee Happy Flower Cards on our website

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