Ophiuchus by House of Thol // photograph by Masha Bakker photography

Ophiuchus - Flower Constellation XL
Stylish arrangements in larger vases

Stylishly arranging flowers in a large vase can be challenging. You need a lot of flowers to fill up the neck, and it requires a skilled and artful hand to set the stems just right.
The Flower Constellations we developed so far, are too small for those large vases, which is why we got a lot of requests for a larger version.
We hear you! Enter the Flower Constellation XL: Ophiuchus

The Ophiuchus Constellation is not only big enough to fit vases with diameters up to 16 cm, it also has wider holes, suitable for both thicker stemmed flowers as well as small branches.
The playful pattern of the holes has been derived from the allignment of the stars in starsign Ophiuchus, or Snakebearer, also known as the 'thirteenth sign of the Zodiac'.
Because we cut the Zodiac year in 12 more or less equal parts, Ophiuchus didn't make it as one of the signs of the Zodiac.
By adding the Snakebearer to our Flower Constellations collection, we're giving it a place on our own floral Ecliptica.

Looking for a vase?
We designed the Flower Constellations to fit vases you already own and love so you won't have to buy a new vase.
Really don't own a suitable vase? Don't go out buying a new one, but first check out a nearby thriftstore. 
Not looking forward to a treasure-hunt? We went for you and have several unique vases available at our Vase Page.

Only available via this webshop
The Ophiuchus Flower Constellation is so new, that the official packaging is yet to be developed.
That means the Flower Constellation XL can't be found in other stores yet. But it is available via this webshop!
Order now and be one of the first to use our Flower Constellation XL while also helping us to prepare for a successful store launch.
During this special situation,  we're offering a special deal: instead of it's regular €29,95, we're launching the Ophiuchus Flower Constellation on our webshop for €27,50!


Read all about the Ophiuchus Flower Constellation XL on our website
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