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The Constellation for Growth

Enjoy a growing plant from leaves to roots
The Helios Constellation lets you stylishly grow your cuttings, bulbs and pits into a water-rooted plant.
Enjoy the growing plant in full: both the sprouting leaves as well as the growing root-system under water.

Customize to fit all kinds of pits and cuttings
The brass Helios disks fit vases and jars with diameters ranging from 5,5 to 8 cm (2,15-3.12 inch).
The centre of each disk has a star-shaped opening that can be customized by folding the perforated lines to fit a variety of cuttings, seeds, bulbs and pits.
Each Helios comes with a manual to help you successfully start the pits of stonefruit like avocado.

<Read all about the Helios constellation on our website>
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