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The Constellation for Growth

Enjoy a growing plant from leaves to roots
The Helios Constellation lets you stylishly grow your cuttings, bulbs and pits into a water-rooted plant.
Enjoy the growing plant in full: both the sprouting leaves as well as the growing root-system under water.

Customize to fit all kinds of pits and cuttings
The brass Helios disks fit vases and jars with diameters ranging from 5,5 to 8 cm (2,15-3.12 inch).
The centre of each disk has a star-shaped opening that can be customized by folding the perforated lines to fit a variety of cuttings, seeds, bulbs and pits.
Each Helios comes with a manual to help you successfully start the pits of stonefruit like avocado.

God of the Sun
Helios is the ancient Greek god of the Sun who rode his chariot through the sky, making sure the sun would come up every day.
He was often worshipped for the power of the sun as creator: being the source of growth and life on earth.

Looking for a vase (or jar)?
We designed the Helios Constellation to fit vases and jars you already own and love so you won't have to buy a new vase.
Really don't own a suitable vase? Don't go out buying a new one, but first check out a nearby thriftstore.
Not looking for a treasure-hunt? We went for you and have several unique vases available at our Vase Page.

<Read all about the Helios constellation on our website>
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