Poma / Olera

Naturally keep fruit and vegetables fresh and save food from the bin

Patera Magna by House of Thol / photograph by Masha Bakker photography

POMA/OLERA (Fruit/Vegetables) is a series of products that help you store fruits and vegetables in a better way, keeping them fresh for longer and reducing food waste. 

Poma/Olera is latin for Fruit/Vegetable. The series is the result of extensive and ongoing research into the best natural way of storing fruit and vegetables in your own home to keep them fresh and eat them when they're ripe.

- Create the best natural circumstances to store food​
- Store separately and shield from ethylene
- Put healthy eating options on a pedestal
- Easily keep track of your fresh stock

In this first stage, the terra-cotta bowls are produced in a small series in our studio in Overasselt, the Netherlands.
We are currently in conversation with production partners who can manufacture the series for us in the near future.

The Patera Magna and Patera Media can now be ordered via our webshop.
Please note that we produce each Patera upon request, so take into account there's a delivery time of 16-18 weeks.

Read all about Poma/Olera here

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